Why We Chose Harbor Springs to Launch a Coworking Space

With advances in information technology, working remotely or running a small business from home is now a well-established trend. The number of these workers is expected to grow steadily as the U.S. economy transforms.

We think that growing these types of jobs in our area is a way to fight back against
•    job loss in traditional industries
•    the drain of young working age people to metro areas
•    seasonality of employment
•    aging of our population
•    declining enrollment in our superb schools

Working from home can be cost effective and rewarding but it can also be isolating and challenging. Recognizing that, HARBOR, Inc. has gathered a number of our area’s home-based business people into a group for mutual support and encouragement. They value the chance to connect with likeminded people and to raise their profiles in the business community. Their enthusiastic participation has confirmed that there is a real need for this support.

With this group’s energy and our area’s superb quality of life, we want Harbor Springs to be the very best place in Michigan to be a remote worker or home based business owner. HARBOR, Inc. intends to seize the opportunity to make that goal a reality. We want to lead the state in creating a progressive, vibrant working environment to complement our recreational assets.

One piece is missing though. To have a world class environment for remote workers and home based business people, we need a coworking space. This is a shared office environment where people can come to work instead of in their home offices. It will be run as a non-profit entity having a co-op atmosphere. Most critically, it provides an immediate solution for business people with poor or no broadband Internet access at their homes.

The Loft, Harbor Springs will open in September of 2017. Membership fees and daily use fees will pay for the operating expenses. We anticipate that the space would be sustainable by Year 2 of operation. 

We are asking for your help to make this a reality.

Rachel Smolinski